October 8, 2009

A Better Coffee Maker I Will Not Find - Proctor Silex 46801 Simply Coffee Coffee Maker reviewed

Proctor Silex 46801 Simply Coffee Coffee Maker No 21-gun salute sent this soldier home. No military honors, no flag-draped coffin. The president of these United States never called with condolences. Still, I mourn, for no soldier she could ever be, only bringing me peace.

This month, my 'Proctor Silex 46801 Simply Coffee Coffee Maker' would pour no longer. The glass which shone through and held so gingerly the coffee she made for me broke.

Across my counter are where she, my dear coffee maker of a half dozen years, spilled her love. The brown stains, the small puddles yet unsopped, the ring of coffee grounds surrounding where she once sat reminds me of how she was not highborn. Her pedigree was low, and she loved me well.

The stories of our time together are too many to tell, but with many friends, or alone, or on the ways to places afar, she helped me through.

12 cups were the most this mother could bear for me. I narily requested more than two, but there were times when 12 was what I asked. Whether I made French, or Colombian, or even the most flavored of coffees, her basket held the grounds. She never turned to look askew at me, never begging me to buy another. She cleaned as easy as she brewed, and poured as if she lived in the finest mansion. A simple paper towel was all she needed to clean her generous face. Her mouth opened wide for water, and she returned the water as amply as she received.

I have bought another coffee maker, but the cups she, my 'Proctor Silex 46801 Simply Coffee Coffee Maker' shared are in my blood forever.

"How shall the burial rite be read?
The solemn song be sung?
The requiem for the loveliest dead,
That ever died so young?"

Stanza I, "A Paean" by Edgar Allan Poe

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