October 12, 2009

Home Coffee Roasters: What Do You Know?

In a Tweet this morning, I asked a fellow coffee fan:
@roastartist I have been thinking about a home #coffee bean roaster. Any insight?
I am relatively new to Twitter. My Twitter account is used as a mix of things related to coffee, my Amazon reviews (somewhat different than the usual lot, if you only know about me from my coffee thoughts), and my daily bits of nonsense (quips and such I write, some you also see here when they are about coffee). The connection through others is fascinating, and I am hoping to discuss coffee with other lovers of coffee.

I own an espresso machine, a French press, a Nescafe Dulce one-cup maker, a good drip maker, and a spare Mr. Coffee-style drip coffee maker. I own lots of mugs, flavors, a decent grinder, and am a student of the sport of coffee drinking. There is more I don't know.

What about coffee roasters? This is a subject I know little. I have spoken to people who own roasters at the cafe-level. While I think I learned a few things, I'm suspect what applies to a smaller scale.

Can I do as good of a job and/or save money? While my espresso machine, for example, is good, an industrial machine is simply better... mine, though, is good enough for daily use, especially balanced against cost savings? My espresso machine is a $150 one, not a $1,000 or $3,000, so I know better at home can be found. However, in the case of home wine makers, the hobby is as important to them as the product. They cannot compete with a 50 year-old bottle of Burgundy, That's not my goal. I am all about the product. I don't want to lose time and money to create an inferior bean.

What do you think?

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