January 5, 2010

Smooth Coffee, Slick Like Ice, Hot as a Radiator

In the bright early morning, not all is bright. Not those attending a meeting I had at sunrise in a northern part of Brockeimia. The meeting organizers offered pastries and coffee (Papa Nicholas Coffee, a small roaster which sells throughout the midwest USA). They hoped to clear the industrious sleep, still working among those who pretended to have their eyes open.

Still drinking no caffeine, I made my choice. The sugar in a coffee cake crumble would need to do what caffeine was not there to manage.

Unadulterated by the defiling of half-and-half, I found it interesting to see the coffee so smooth, almost like the plastic display drinks in novelty shops. You know those cups filled with fake liquid which are set on their side as an office gag?

Land 'O Lakes Mini Moo's Creamers, 180 Unit Non-Dispenser Box.

Spilled Coffee Cup

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