April 24, 2010

Barnes and Noble & Starbucks

A History of the World in 6 GlassesBarnes and Noble & Starbucks: Two corporate beasts simultaneously meeting my needs this afternoon in the world south of Brockeimia.

I wanted to hunker down into a book, which, in this case was a Rex Stout book, Fer-de-Lance. His first. My first.

While there, I looked into History of the World in Six Glasses and read the section on coffee (around 40 pp), and thumbed through a less than impressive volume called B is for Bad Poetry, which, in fact, is.

This is a medium cappuccino. They call it something else. That is, the medium part. I can never keep it straight. Visiting as many coffeehouses, cafes and shops as I do, with many extending their nomenclature outside of the norm, I have too much to track.

I am neither a fan nor detractor from Starbucks, for those who care about such things. I am thankful they exist, even if they are not my first choice. 

Search Amazon.com for Barnes and Noble (ironic, isn't it?)

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