April 21, 2010

Empty Seat Without a Book

I was there. 6:40 am. Supposed to be 6:30. I was late having had a busy night meeting out-of-town guests (and their dog) for dinner the evening before.

At 6:33 am, I called. No one answered. I left a voicemail.

At 6:50 am, I ordered. Raisin toast and coffee. Neither were very good.

At 7:00 am, my toast was finished. It was cold when I received it. I sipped my coffee.

At 7:10 am, my waitress came by. We discussed geese.

At 7:20 am, I sent some text messages to friends I have not seen in months. Maybe next time, we could have coffee.

At 7:30 am, I left. The seat across from me remained empty.

If you go to the restaurant next to the 7-11 gas station, and sit in the most-west booth, second one from the south, facing the church across the street. with your back facing the market few people shop at, bring a book.

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