May 31, 2010

Espresso in the Woods

Espresso is not about place. It is about the drink. How the drink is made depends on the tools available. Being prepared, as any good Boy Scout will tell you, is most of it. I was able to enjoy a shot in some woods where the hills are rolling, and all is verdantly alive with green and life, far from the urgent urban life where most of my days are spent.

Deep in the woods, where rains fall just because the steam is too heavy for the sky to carry, where mosquitoes run the show and humans are wary to wonder, I was.

Alone I was not. With me were a few others in an arduous traipse through thickets of bristle and thistle. One traveling with me has camped with only minimal supplies. Thankfully, this was no such day. He brought supplies. Besides the less essential things, like a first aid kit, emergency food and a great knowledge of the woods we explored, he brought coffee, a heating device and a non-electric espresso maker.

Though the day started with a heat only Lucifer would appreciate, a hard, unexpected rain began just as we found shelter. Cold. The temperature dropped 20 degrees Fahrenheit in minutes, and with our sweat-soaked clothing, all of us were chilled. To the rescue... the espresso you see above. Complete with a good crema, as hot as anything my home machine can muster, and a taste as delicious as the finest of wines.

Through the mist, I looked out as I sipped. I saw as far as eyes can see our great land, and thought of our soldiers, and paused. Here's to you, my fellow Americans. May your espresso taste as sweet as the free land within which we live. 

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