June 4, 2010

Drinkable, But Hardly Perfect, Lavazza Il Perfetto Espresso 100% Arabica Coffee 8.8 oz. reviewed

Lavazza Il Perfetto Espresso 100% Arabica Coffee 8.8 oz.

I am finishing my first two shots of "Lavazza Il Perfetto Espresso." I anticipated this since last night. Too late to drink, I thought, but in the morning, it will be so sweet a recharge as the sun rises.

This coffee I wisely choose over a can of more expensive Illy beans. Wisely, I say, because I based my purchase decision on reputation and price... both impressive. I have had good Lavazza before, but it must have been a different blend.

I am disappointed. Like in the 1990s, when the Jaguar automobile lost its luster to become merely just another nice vehicle, I trusted the famous coffee brand to retain the quality on which its fame rests. No laurels lasting any longer with Lavazza. I bought this specifically to share with a fellow coffee lover tomorrow as we break a loaf of Amish Friendship Bread. Hang my head I will, having introduced mediocrity into his cup under the guise of the brilliant. He will know better of me, but we will not speak of this error. Pleasantly, our friendship is stronger than my coffee.

As another reviewer carefully describes (see Amazon review), the crema is weak. What crema there was dissipated quickly into the espresso.

I have 8.8 oz., with two shots worth gone. I will make the rest, and it will be adequate. The flavor is decent, but milder than I expect of an Italian roaster, especially as finely ground as this is. However, when again I am going through the aisle of at the imported goods grocery, I will turn away from the black box Lavazza sells.



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