June 17, 2010

A Port in a Storm: Green Mountain Coffee Keurig Machine Saves Me

Students at at the university near Brockeimia (there are several) will know this machine. Though five minutes late for a 7:00 pm Tuesday meeting, yet in need a one-minute pick-me-up, I found this port in the storm. Down a long, empty hallway, in an alcove on the right at the end, beneath some undetermined fluorescent lights, shone the bright green colors of a Green Mountain Coffee Keurig Machine. A more welcoming lighthouse I have not seen. Not on the second floor of a building.

New to me was that K-cups can also serve up tea and hot cocoa. Nice choices. Twelve options in all. Good to know, but, tonight...  no matter. I saw what I needed. Second button from the left, top row. Sumatran Reserve. Yes, not decaf. Different button.

My wallet was filled with one dollar bills. Why? I rarely carry cash. Would I need them? Would the machine hastily accept my submission?

On my left, unseen in the picture, was the Keurig machine. Three buttons in question that determined how strong the coffee would be. I needed caffeine, not a lingering cup of coffee. Espresso was not an option. I chose the strongest.

Who invented the single-cup delivery system? Whether via Keurig or some other process, the idea is brilliant. Instead of beans sitting half-brewed in a pot that's half-warm six hours after coffee seemed like a good idea, I had a fresh cup. True, true... it is not the same as a freshly ground cup, but, for my situation, in a nearly empty university campus, this was salvation.

The meeting itself required it. Five people I never met discussed a topic I knew more about than they realized. I did my best, and my silent friends from Sumatra did all they could to back me up. Two hours later, the coffee's impact dwindled, but I was OK.

We discussed some interesting things off topic. Two different men had sons who play music professionally. Really professionally, not just scraping a few bucks on a Friday night at the Holiday Inn bar after a long day selling insurance. You may have heard one of them open for one of today's most alternative rock popular bands. The other is lesser known as a drummer, playing across the major jazz venues in a major city.

Fine people they are, but I was happy I did not come alone. We may meet again (both the Keurig machine, and this gathering), and then, we will greet each other as old friends.

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