September 30, 2010

Good to Almost the Last Drop: A Hurried Illy Adventure

Empty Espresso Cup
Finished. Sad words to any great adventure, I know, and sadder still as remnants of the relationship remain scattered inconveniently.

My espresso... I've had better, and purer. This was sugared. Creamed. Delicious, yes, as they always are, but this one was rushed in preparation.

I had no time. I found time. I made time. What didn't exist came into existence, and in this time, I made a common double espresso with Illy beans.

In my hurry, I did not attach everything tightly, and some ground coffee filtered through. Regrets, of course, but deadlines called sharply, and I had to move on.

As I sometimes do, I added heavy whipping cream, lightly whipped with a spoon of sugar. This magnifies the acuity I sense when sipping.

"Found my coat and grabbed my hat. Made the bus in seconds flat," sings Paul McCartney in A Day In The Life. A bus was not required, but with my hat and coat in tow, arrived in good stead.

Do I say the drink was a success? I finished it amid the difficulties presented by my watch, but pledge to attune more carefully to the day before me. Success enough.

Today, now, a day later, I found my cup where I left it. It was not carefully laid in the sink or dishwasher, but on a bookshelf in my office, near where a collection of Mark Twain is kept. The remnants are dry, but its sweetness endures.

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