September 25, 2010

Lavazza and the Big City

This espresso drips while barely a glimmer in my eye. My host offered it proudly when I traveled east. In an office in the thick of a major city, a contrast of a beautiful building and homeless citizens sleeping and begging on the sidewalk, we found our way to the seventh floor. How hard is to walk on by knowing how much easier my life is... I felt no guilt, but only wondered what I could do.

After stopping at his office to discuss our business of the day, we moved on to more pleasurable things. Business, after all, is a trifle unimportant when there is espresso to be enjoyed.

Lavazza Espresso Point Machine
Lavazza Espresso Point Machine
I am a sipper. My host drank two shots quickly, like whiskey bar shots without the accompanying beer chasing. The machine (Lavazza Espresso Point Machine) served Lavazza Super Crema Espresso. Durable, and light enough for the sensitivities of a varied office place, Lavazza was a fine choice. I took my time, and moved on.

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