November 2, 2010

Coffee, Raisin Toast and Voting

The early morning brinked with a slow greeting as I considered my opportunity. Today is voting day. Election day. I am one who finds most of politicking distasteful, bringing out the worst of friends and the media. But, still, to vote is what I must. Decisions were to be made about Congress, local funding, judges and other issues. Some mattered to me more than others.

The beautiful Katie served me, ready and awake long before dawn in near-empty cafe on the Brockeimia southern border. Overlooking a highway, I saw others en route to vote, and smiled. This is America. We are not the only country with the freedom to vote, but we do have that freedom we consider, I consider, so dear.

So I ate quickly, swallowed the coffee, now sweeter than usual, bid Katie good morning, and left for the mile trip up the road to cast my ballot.

If you haven't, please do.

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