January 12, 2011

Will you buy coffee from the mermaid? Does it matter what logo you drink from?

Starbucks Ceramic Travel TumblerA new, simpler logo from Starbucks has generated some buzz, but why? They are losing the words, leaving the half-naked mermaid. 

Am I obsessed with the logo, or the contents of the cup?

I've seen this before here. Chicago is strange how they like to be marketed to. Even though Sears had long sold their building, some were upset the branding of the building was changing. Even though Marshall Fields sold themselves to Target's mother company long before, they, though shoppers frequented to store less often, went into a tizzy when Macy's put their logo on the door. Didn't matter that Macy's sold the same things.

RedEye: Will you buy coffee from the mermaid?

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