September 26, 2018

Review: Amazon Brand - Solimo 12oz Paper Hot Cup with Lid, 500 Count

Review: Amazon Brand - Solimo 12oz Paper Hot Cup with Lid, 500 Count

Five stars? In the context of paper cups, yes.

Paper is good. I haven't used Styrofoam cups in years for all the chemical reasons. Coffee is just never as good in Styrofoam. These paper cups do tremendous things.

I love sharing coffee with everyone who passes into my home. Espresso, latte, cappuccino, cubano, regular drip, pour-over... all good. Flavors? I've got you covered. Cream? Vitamin D? 2% Yes to all. While my personal choices lean toward single plantation espresso, I'm no snob. I want you happy.

And happy are they. So much so they want one to go.

Now, with 500 cups, I can have 125 small coffee parties. Or 500 new people. Or 1,000, but they need to be very friendly with their coffee and go home together. However it all goes, love will fill my home and love will fill their cup.

May your coffee be so delicious that others want to bring it home. And may your home be so delicious, they'll want to visit.


August 30, 2018

Coffee Love Is...

Coffee love is like a kiss at dawn.