Amazon Reviewer and Book Parodies

Some of my guides are legendary. Parodies of well-known book reviewers Lawrance Bernabo and Harriet Klausner get poked at in good fun. Poe's Raven gets rewritten for a love interest. String gets viewed in all its utilitarian uses. Books reviewers of unlikely products, and addicted book readers are smiled at as well.

Let me know what you think. 

1. Ode to the Death of the Amazon Discussion Board It's dying, but not dead yet. A newer one now exists.

2. Review - Barack Obama poem Praise Song for the Day Just a simple review posted here as a guide because the book at that time was yet unpublished. Serious. Not funny. 

3. The Beauty: Parody, Poe's The Raven She was worth every syllable. 

4. String - 25 Uses and Beyond: Truth and Fun Too much time on my ends. Couldn't tie a loose end if I tried. 

5. "Stairway to Heaven" parody Top reviewers vying for #1. 

6. Elizabeth Barrett Browning parody I love books. You? 

7. "It Was A Very Good Year" parody about good books More book love. This time with Frank Sinatra.

8. "Anatevka" Fiddler parody addiction. 

9. Addicted to Love parody: Addicted to Books Robert Palmer inspired this one. 

10. "Mandy" Manilow parody More Amazon love.

11. "Fog" Carl Sandburg parody More book love.

12. Stopping By Some Bookshelves on a Snowy Evening Robert Frost More book love.

13. "Strangers in the Night" parody About reviewers posting reviews late at night while also posting on a discussion board. Frank Sinatra helped make my point.  

14. "Unforgettable" Nat King Cole parody Products are reviewed some people might think are unreviewable.