October 29, 2009

Kona Blend Ensemble

Kona blend with whipped cream, and unwhipped heavy cream and sugar. Late breakfast post meal drink.

October 26, 2009

Lungo Nescafe-Krups

Lungo made from a single serving Nescafe-Krups device.

October 22, 2009

October 18, 2009

Beans are Seeds

Coffee beans are not vegetables or fruits. They are seeds.

October 15, 2009


Milk takes the bitterness from coffee.

Today is Take Your Mug To Work Day

Randomly reading about coffee in the news this morning, I read about Carly Simon's lawsuit against Starbucks. It has something to do with poor sales of her recent album, apparently marketed exclusively at the famous coffee chain. I'm not clear on all that, as I found it on Amazon. I love that Starbucks exists, and believe it has been good for coffee culture, awareness, business and availability. I also like Carly Simon's music. Great voice, smart lyrics, and interesting music. I haven't heard the new album.

But it doesn't matter.

What does matter is much more important news (unless you are either Ms. Simon or own stock in Starbucks). Today is Bring Your Mug to Work Day. I have no idea whose idea this is but I like it. If you know the day's history, please let me know. You can post a comment on my blog, or contact me privately (it will take you to a form on my main website).

Stealing what a Facebook group dedicated to this says (for the record, I swiped their logo too)...
Take your mug to work on Thursday, October 15th, and create your own in-office coffeehouse. Start the day off with CoffeeHouse Inspirations coffee creamers to create an indulgent caramel macchiato or perhaps a rich white chocolate mocha. You won’t break the bank … you will help the planet.

I posted on the discussion board there:
Excellent idea. Working from home today myself, but always use a mug at work. Sometimes I still buy a cup somewhere. At cafes, I'll get a mug, not paper, but that wasn't an environmental decision so much as it was a preference of consumption. Only when I'm on the run do I use the paper cups. I'll need to come up with a better plan.

Today, I used a tea cup for a double espresso lungo. It is sadly now empty as I am cutting back on what had been prodigious amounts of caffeine.

It never occurred to me how much paper is wasted. Even if it is recycled paper, it is still wasteful.

Coffee lovers? Join my coffee klatch, post photos of your favorite mugs:

This Kind of Love

Visit Carly Simon's Amazon Music Store

October 14, 2009

Bottomless Cups of Coffee

There is no such thing as a bottomless cup of coffee. What would hold the coffee in the cup?

October 12, 2009

Home Coffee Roasters: What Do You Know?

In a Tweet this morning, I asked a fellow coffee fan:
@roastartist I have been thinking about a home #coffee bean roaster. Any insight?
I am relatively new to Twitter. My Twitter account is used as a mix of things related to coffee, my Amazon reviews (somewhat different than the usual lot, if you only know about me from my coffee thoughts), and my daily bits of nonsense (quips and such I write, some you also see here when they are about coffee). The connection through others is fascinating, and I am hoping to discuss coffee with other lovers of coffee.

I own an espresso machine, a French press, a Nescafe Dulce one-cup maker, a good drip maker, and a spare Mr. Coffee-style drip coffee maker. I own lots of mugs, flavors, a decent grinder, and am a student of the sport of coffee drinking. There is more I don't know.

What about coffee roasters? This is a subject I know little. I have spoken to people who own roasters at the cafe-level. While I think I learned a few things, I'm suspect what applies to a smaller scale.

Can I do as good of a job and/or save money? While my espresso machine, for example, is good, an industrial machine is simply better... mine, though, is good enough for daily use, especially balanced against cost savings? My espresso machine is a $150 one, not a $1,000 or $3,000, so I know better at home can be found. However, in the case of home wine makers, the hobby is as important to them as the product. They cannot compete with a 50 year-old bottle of Burgundy, That's not my goal. I am all about the product. I don't want to lose time and money to create an inferior bean.

What do you think?

Espresso in Process

Joy... a double espresso made in a teacup.

October 8, 2009

A Better Coffee Maker I Will Not Find - Proctor Silex 46801 Simply Coffee Coffee Maker reviewed

Proctor Silex 46801 Simply Coffee Coffee Maker No 21-gun salute sent this soldier home. No military honors, no flag-draped coffin. The president of these United States never called with condolences. Still, I mourn, for no soldier she could ever be, only bringing me peace.

This month, my 'Proctor Silex 46801 Simply Coffee Coffee Maker' would pour no longer. The glass which shone through and held so gingerly the coffee she made for me broke.

Across my counter are where she, my dear coffee maker of a half dozen years, spilled her love. The brown stains, the small puddles yet unsopped, the ring of coffee grounds surrounding where she once sat reminds me of how she was not highborn. Her pedigree was low, and she loved me well.

The stories of our time together are too many to tell, but with many friends, or alone, or on the ways to places afar, she helped me through.

12 cups were the most this mother could bear for me. I narily requested more than two, but there were times when 12 was what I asked. Whether I made French, or Colombian, or even the most flavored of coffees, her basket held the grounds. She never turned to look askew at me, never begging me to buy another. She cleaned as easy as she brewed, and poured as if she lived in the finest mansion. A simple paper towel was all she needed to clean her generous face. Her mouth opened wide for water, and she returned the water as amply as she received.

I have bought another coffee maker, but the cups she, my 'Proctor Silex 46801 Simply Coffee Coffee Maker' shared are in my blood forever.

"How shall the burial rite be read?
The solemn song be sung?
The requiem for the loveliest dead,
That ever died so young?"

Stanza I, "A Paean" by Edgar Allan Poe

October 7, 2009