October 25, 2010

Books Are Good Food Coffee FUNtainer Food Thermos

Books Are Good Food Coffee FUNtainer Food Thermos

Newest Brockeim coffee container. Soup works too. Not quite a mug, but pretty snazzy for you travelers. 

$18.09 for you discriminating buyers.Great Christmas gifts.


October 4, 2010

Intelligenstia and Two Old Friends Bringing Two New Friends

My nap ended as the bell rang. 5:30 pm on a Saturday? Two smiles with three bags of two kinds of coffee stood in my doorway. Delivery.

Knowing fully well my desire for good coffee, but not always able to access it, these friends pursued for me what God alone could create: delicious Yirgacheffe Adado and Finca La Soledad.

Coffee would wait until morning, and it did. Its patience for me is more enduring than any lover.

In the meanwhile, these friends laughed and told stories about our adventures through the years, and of things currently important in our lives. They told me too about drinking coffee at Intelligentsia, a new and exotic place for them. We shared a meal, and we shared friendship, as old as it is new again.

The Coffee
First, the Finca La Soledad from Guatamala. This is as mild as it is delicate, perhaps not ready for an espresso. My espresso tastes are darker, but I will tomorrow experiment with a few cups of it dripped.

Two half-pound bags of Yirgacheffe Adado from Ethiopia... one I brought to the home of a friend who often enjoys coffee with me at hours earlier than known to songbirds. The other will wait a few days.

Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Adado
Succulent and floral, high notes of jasmine atop lime candy, lemongrass and bergamot. Fresh fennel, currants and sweet herbs surface at the apex and taper into an aromatic aftertaste while the finish - long and velvety - brings notes of maple and malt.

Itzamna, Guatemala: Finca La Soledad
A complex mouthfeel which is balanced, lofted and active frames the rest of this cup. Grilled fruit, peaches, and fudge-like notes in the finish coax out the genuine character of Finca La Soledad.

October 1, 2010