November 26, 2010

Thankful: A Cup of Coffee in a Beautiful Cup

Coffee, as served... from a kind host after dinner is perhaps the most delicious found on this Earth.

No matter how perfect the bean, none compares to the coffee poured by dear friends after a gracious and satisfying traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours.

November 25, 2010

Tryptophan Slowing You Down?

Lots of turkey today? No time to sleep this afternoon in that beached-whale-food-hangover-fetal position?

Try coffee.

Or, if you are not drinking coffee today, or eating turkey, but trying to sleep, try reading about Tryptophan. (

November 10, 2010

Latte Macchiato via Nescafe Dolce Gusto Single-Serve Coffee Machine

Familiar Like the Girl Next Door: Latte Macchiato Meets a Delicious Need

A Latte Macchiato.
The product of my
Nescafe Dolce Gusto Single-Serve Coffee Machine.
My Nescafe Dolce Gusto Latte Macchiato was born on my counter, not royal, nor so humble that I would not enjoy her company. Finding companionship with wine glasses, she smiled at me, and together, we ran through the morning with celebration of sugar, caffeine and artificial milk. It lacked the superb richness of a true, cafe-birthed Latte Macchiato, but brought me a plebeian convenience, like a girl next door's beauty and familiarity.

The process for her creation was three-step. First, the mere heating of the machine. Second, the insertion of the milk-foam capsule and pulling hot water through it. Third, and lastly, inserting the espresso-like coffee capsule, and likewise pulling it.

I can, and often do, make a more sophisticated latte macchiato, but the time it takes, though worth it, is not always available. I enjoyed tasting this drink, knowing fully what it could be, but accepting it as it was.


November 5, 2010

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Single-Serve Coffee Machine review: Good Coffee Drink, Hard to Find Pods

Do you remember watching old Star Trek reruns, and seeing the special effects were not on par with modern techniques, but loving the show anyway? The end product, all of it together, from Captain Kirk to the Klingons, the story was good and often insightful. The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Single-Serve Coffee Machine is like that. It cannot equal the carefully made latte or espresso produced with a $1,000 machine using the finest beans. It makes no pretense of doing that either. Its sell is its quick and easy-to-use convenience, with enough quality to satisfy the average coffee drinker.

Why do I like it? When friends come over who are casual coffee drinkers, who might not appreciate the difference between a French and Colombian roast, but would like a hot tasty drink, this helps me serve them quickly. Like other single-serving machines, like Keurig's devices, it delivers coffee speedily, and can do so to the unique tastes of my guests. I can make a fresh pot of standard coffee, or espressos, but to offer variety without adding flavored syrups or taking a long time, I need a single-serve machine.

Nescafe KP210050 Dolce Gusto Single-Serve Coffee Machine, BlackSome drinks require two pods: one for the milk-like foam, and the other for the coffee itself. First, make the foam, then, make the coffee. Others only need on pod, and from it (depending on the pod), you can make either regular coffee, or an espresso-like drink. The directions are clear for every kind of drink. For anyone who finds Caribou or Starbucks acceptable, this will provide a smile. Because Nescafe controls the amount of coffee and the grind, the drink is the same every time.

Pods are not as easily accessible as Keurig's are, as various coffee producers do not seem to make theirs to fit the Dolce Gusto, and so I cannot give this top ranks.

True, my favorite cafe's business will not be challenged, but as I can find the pods, I will keep a stock on the ready when unexpected guests arrive.


Useful Dog Tricks performed by Jesse (A Coffee Loving Jack Russell Terrier)

Puppies are, by default, caffeinated. When God was making their blood, an angel was walking by, bumped the table with the ingredients, and God's coffee spilled in. Not once in the history of puppies has anyone ever said, "Now that puppy has no energy."

However, this has led to addiction problem with Jesse. He wants more. Throughout the day, he, like I, pursues another cup of coffee. Smarter than the average dog, he can help himself.

Understandably, he does whatever it takes. What I want to know is how he, without these very useful opposable thumbs, lifts the espresso cup to drink?


Music: Josh Woodward, "Coffee." Check out more of his music: and

November 2, 2010

Coffee, Raisin Toast and Voting

The early morning brinked with a slow greeting as I considered my opportunity. Today is voting day. Election day. I am one who finds most of politicking distasteful, bringing out the worst of friends and the media. But, still, to vote is what I must. Decisions were to be made about Congress, local funding, judges and other issues. Some mattered to me more than others.

The beautiful Katie served me, ready and awake long before dawn in near-empty cafe on the Brockeimia southern border. Overlooking a highway, I saw others en route to vote, and smiled. This is America. We are not the only country with the freedom to vote, but we do have that freedom we consider, I consider, so dear.

So I ate quickly, swallowed the coffee, now sweeter than usual, bid Katie good morning, and left for the mile trip up the road to cast my ballot.

If you haven't, please do.