March 15, 2011

Coffee Joke: The Blonde and the Winnebago

Larien Bagel BiterSometimes, I read something and think I wish I had written it. This is not one of those times.Smirk as you like. It's cute.

A blonde goes into a coffee shop and notices there's a 'peel and win' sticker on her coffee cup.

So she peels it off and starts screaming, 'I've won a motorhome! I've won a motorhome!'

The waitress says, 'That's impossible. The biggest prize is a free lunch.'

But the blonde keeps on screaming, I've won a motorhome! I've won a motorhome!'

Finally, the manager comes over and says, 'Ma'am, I'm sorry, but you're mistaken. You couldn't have possibly won a motorhome because we didn't have that as a prize.

The blonde says, 'No, it's not a mistake. I've won a motorhome!'

And she hands the ticket to the manager and he reads...

'W I N A B A G E L'

Larien Bagel Biter

March 7, 2011

5 health reasons to not quit coffee

The Editors of EatingWell Magazine wrote about why we should drink coffee. Their five not very scientific reasons are old news to we coffee lovers, but they flesh it out more. See the below for more.

1. It protects your heart
2. It diverts diabetes
3. Your liver loves it
4. It boosts your brain power
5. It helps your headaches

The details here: 5 health reasons to not quit coffee