September 5, 2011

The Best Cafes

Coffee Humor Tin Metal Sign You Can Sleep When You're Dead
The best cafes sometimes serve the worst coffee, bringing in the fullness of humanity. 

There are no tourists at these places. There is no ambiance that would draw people just because of whatever is on the wall. The owners did not hire an interior designer, or put fake bricks on the wall. No one talks about it as the place to be. It is not referenced as a "best dive cafe," as if it has that pretentious badge of ignominious honor. 

It might serve espresso, but don't expect much. The beans might not be single plantation, and no cupper has ever tasted the nuances. Baristas don't wear goatees or unusual piercings, hoping to be artsy. They aren't even called baristas. They are called owners, or friends of the owner, or, simply called employees.

It is not next to anything. The university students don't go there after class, or to study, hoping a cute girl shows up. No after theater latte drinkers. No anything, yet it is next to everything.

People go there on their way to places, and from places. If they stop there, it is because it is convenient, big enough, and maybe offer free refills. No one goes there. People just end up there, and come back whenever.

September 4, 2011

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is Ruining Coffee

I'm getting tired of Schultz. He's just another billion dollar corporate suit ranting politics. Give me better coffee, Howard, not your political claptrap.

It is no help Schultz, according to Wikipedia, is worth 1.1 billion. The image of Starbucks is more organic than it is Montgomery Burns. Money buys great PR, but all we get is a guy making more money than 99.999% of the world. 

My Starbucks boycott just began. Join me.

Starbucks' Facebook status update: Our ceo, Howard Schultz, is part of a National Town Hall conversation with America. Join him on the live stream, Tuesday night at 7:30pm edt / 4:30pm pdt

Upward Spiral was inspired by the Letter to America written by Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks. Upward Spiral encourages individuals and businesses to join together in an effort to help our nation’s elected officials hear our collective voice and to prompt our national leaders to take the necessary action to restore trust and confidence in the US economy.