February 24, 2012

Event Tomorrow: For the Love of Coffee (CoffeeCON 2012 - Near Chicago)

Let's be clear. I am a fan. I am a fanatic. I love good coffee. I am in ecstasy with great coffee. But, alas of alasses, I am an amateur lover of the brown brew.

Kevin Sinnott is the real deal. He has put together an event west of Chicago. 

World’s Most Fanatical Coffee Consumer Creates First-Ever World Coffee Conference
CoffeeCON 2012 is an opportunity to journey into the world’s most amazing coffee varieties from around the world and learn about brewing, and even roasting, in every style imaginable. Top world amateur and professional coffee experts will present a wide variety of seminars and hands-on labs. Attendees will sample the world’s best beans and experiment with the latest brewing equipment. Exhibitors will include many high-end coffee roasters, coffee equipment manufacturers, coffee farmers and innovative coffee products. 

See the entire press release.