January 28, 2015

Organo Gold Coffee

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You read that right. Not a typo. Not Oregano Gold Coffee. However grotesque that sounds, consider that Organo Gold Coffee does have additives. Mushrooms and sometimes ginseng.

Not heard of Organo Gold Coffee? Their salesman are popping up on every social media front. Despite themselves not being physicians, they make all kinds of snake oil types of claims. Most notable that it prevents cancer. Hogwash, I say, hogwash!

I don't believe for a minute that is does squat for cancer. I'm not a doctor so don't believe me on face value, just as you shouldn't believe the Organo Gold Coffee salesman hawking their stuff online.

I looked into it. The Better Business Bureau thinks poorly of them. They, themselves, as a company, dance around specific medical claims so as to avoid the ire of the FDA and related governmental agencies. Unfortunately, they leave the door open enough for well-meaning sales people to boost up those claims. Organo corporate says they are trying to put the kibosh on those fibbers but I cannot help but wonder.

As coffee goes, it starts off that they don't offer whole beans. Even Folgers does that. This means it starts stale. Add in mushrooms and what's left?

Yeah, I thought so too, but I don't use that kind of language here.

Be suspicious.

Don't buy this coffee from your friend. Just give him $10.00 cash. He must be desperate, so maybe give him a few hundred to tide him over. Don't encourage him, coffee friends. He obviously is clueless how good coffee can taste, so show him.